The smell made everyone held their breath.

The thorns all over his body made everyone stepped back.

Love was something he never knew.


The source of kindness everyone said.

Everyone liked them, and they liked everyone.

Love was their thing.


When they saw him, they wanted to like him.

“But why nobody liked him? He must be very bad,” they thought.

So they just stood still.

Scared, they felt.

Fear of being hurt by him.

Never they knew, he felt the same.


Fear of his heart being hurt again.

Photography by: Agnes Paulina | Illustration and Story by: Angela Oscario




Everyone like unicorn.
So do little hedgehogs.
They wanted to be a hedgecorn.
Everyone said it’s impossible.
But one day they heard a myth about unicorn steam cake.
Eat it and your hair color will turn into a rainbow just like a unicorn.
Want it. Want it. Want it. They said.
Up, up, up. They climbed up the unicorn hill.
And here it was. The famous rainbow steam cake.
Yum. Yum. Yum.
Their dream came true.
A hedgecorn they became.
Beautiful rainbow quills for everyone to admire.

Photography by: Agnes Paulina | Illustration and Story by: Angela Oscario

Everlasting Flower


As time passed, the flower dried.

Please, don’t be sad.

It’s true, there’s nothing last forever.

But let me tell you a little secret.

Its beauty will be remained.

Just listen attentively.

The little creatures keep an eye on it.

Watering it everyday.

Preserving it in your memory.

Photography by: Agnes Paulina | Illustration by: Angela Oscario & Michael | Story by: Angela Oscario

The Colors of Me



Once I was pink.

Some days I was green.

Some other days I was blue.

All of them were me.


It’s the same battle everyday.

The same old battle the soul and the mind had to go through.

Sometimes the soul won.

Some other times the mind won.

Whoever won, it was still me.

Photography by: Agnes Paulina | Illustration and Story by: Angela Oscario

Beyond a Cup of Coffee


Look around carefully.

The story is about to begin.



The coffee tastes bitter, but she drank it anyway.

Mama loves coffee so much, so it must be delicious.

“I love coffee too,” she said.

I love mama; that’s what she actually said.


Look around carefully.

You will know they are flying all around you.

Blowing their little trumpets.

Told a story beyond ordinary things.


Photography by: Agnes Paulina | Illustration and Story by: Angela Oscario



Musha musha musha musharoom.

The mushroom field was covered with magic spell.

The little fairies could not fly or spell their magic words there.


Oh, what should Twinkle do.

She need a new mushroom house.

Her old home was eaten by ants.


Twinkle didn’t run out of ideas.

She called her friend, the Brave Bear.

They borrowed a plane toy,

and without any fear the bear got her a new comfortable mushouse.

Photograph by: Agnes Paulina | Illustration & story by: Angela Oscario



She has everything, even a little planet.

She should be happy.

And yes, she is happy.

But sometimes she wonders what would it feels to live somewhere out there.

Yet, she doesn’t have the courage to leave everything behind.

So frequently she just sits up above the hill, and stares at the stars.

“Hi!” she said.

Only the silence answered her.

No one would tell her what waits for her in the outside world.

Felt needle craft, illustration, and story by: Angela Oscario