Everlasting Flower


As time passed, the flower dried.

Please, don’t be sad.

It’s true, there’s nothing last forever.

But let me tell you a little secret.

Its beauty will be remained.

Just listen attentively.

The little creatures keep an eye on it.

Watering it everyday.

Preserving it in your memory.

Photography by: Agnes Paulina | Illustration by: Angela Oscario & Michael | Story by: Angela Oscario


The Colors of Me



Once I was pink.

Some days I was green.

Some other days I was blue.

All of them were me.


It’s the same battle everyday.

The same old battle the soul and the mind had to go through.

Sometimes the soul won.

Some other times the mind won.

Whoever won, it was still me.

Photography by: Agnes Paulina | Illustration and Story by: Angela Oscario