She has everything, even a little planet.

She should be happy.

And yes, she is happy.

But sometimes she wonders what would it feels to live somewhere out there.

Yet, she doesn’t have the courage to leave everything behind.

So frequently she just sits up above the hill, and stares at the stars.

“Hi!” she said.

Only the silence answered her.

No one would tell her what waits for her in the outside world.

Felt needle craft, illustration, and story by: Angela Oscario  


Wake Up, Sleepy!


Sleepy always feels sleepy.

She sleeps on the flower.

She sleeps in the tea-pot.

She sleeps behind your ear.


“Wake up. Wake up, Sleepy.

The tea party in the moon has been starting,” said Dreamy.

But Sleepy could hardly open her eyes.

“One minute,” she said.

Dreamy waited for one minute.

“One more minute, please.”

Dreamy had no more patience.

“Have a nice dream,” whispered Dreamy.

And yes, Sleepy smiled in her sleep.

She dreamed about a nice tea party in the moon.

Photograph by: Agnes Paulina | Illustration by: Angela Oscario | Story by: Angela Oscario